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Welcome! I am Tatiana – a devoted mother to two precious girls and a compassionate doula committed to nurturing women throughout their incredible journey. After a decade-long career as a lawyer, I wholeheartedly embraced the path of a doula, following the call of my heart. The roots of my passion for caring and supporting women were planted long before I became a mother myself. With a natural gift for empathy and a genuine desire to care for others, tending to their needs is ingrained in my very being. Yet, it's when I stand by the side of my clients during their transformative birthing experiences that I truly come alive.

In my philosophy, every woman and every family embarking on this sacred journey deserve unwavering education, advocacy, and heartfelt support. Birth is an authentic, powerful, and deeply unique event that empowers like nothing else. I firmly believe that every woman deserves a caring and empathetic presence by her side – someone to hold her hand and create a safe, comforting space. The knowledge that a calm, non-judgmental, and confident companion is there to honor her strength is paramount.

However, birth can also bring challenges. It may entail tears, moments of tough decisions, and the need for unwavering support. It's precisely in these moments that I am humbled to step in as your doula – a steadfast pillar of strength.

My approach to working with clients defies any rigid style. Each woman's journey is a unique tapestry, guiding my intuition to provide personalized support tailored to her needs. I take pride in cultivating close relationships, if desired, to foster trust, open communication, and attentive care. Instead of imposing strict rules, I remain adaptable and accessible to address your needs whenever they arise.

Being a doula transcends mere occupation; it's a profound calling. To me, my clients are more than just clients – they are integral participants in a life-changing voyage. Entering a woman's intimate birthing space is a privilege I deeply respect. To every family that has invited me into their lives, I am profoundly grateful for the profound impact you've had on my journey.

In addition to English, I am fluent in Russian and proudly serve the Russian-speaking families of the Greater Seattle area. However, my passion extends to collaborating with families from diverse cultures and backgrounds, armed with the knowledge and experience to offer holistic support.

For more about me, my availability for birth support, and heartfelt testimonials from the families I've had the privilege to assist, please visit my personal page on DoulaMatch. If you're seeking a doula who goes above and beyond, I encourage you to reach out. Your unique journey deserves nothing less than exceptional care and unwavering support.

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