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Tatiana was exactly what we needed. She was the perfect amount of involved, supportive, vocal, but also data driven and a cheerleader. We were looking for someone who would provide lot of data and be an advocate in the delivery room. Tatiana had the perfect balance of science/data and natural/cultural perspectives. She reduced anxiety for my partner by helping to digest medical language and understand what was happening when things moved quickly. Tatiana was a cheerleader but not too much ra-ra; she checked in, helped me push through tough moments, and validated me when things were scary/hard. Our birth was not complicated, but her prescence made things less stressful and allowed us to stick more closely to our birth preferences. She was also active pre and post baby - checking in and ensuring we had information/support.

We really love her and would highly recommend her.

Mackenzie Vincent


Tatiana is such a wonderful person inside and out. She went above and beyond to help me and my husband get through a stressful but amazing day. She was always supportive of my goals and never passed judgement. But when asked always had great advice. I appreciated her calm demeanor and peaceful approach during birth. She guided me through active labor, helped with stretching and positioning after my epidural and advocated for my needs. I was so thankful to have her with us and truly believe she helped improve my birth experience and outcome. 



We hired Tatiana as our doula for my first pregnancy after meeting with several others. Tatiana has the personality that I was looking for - calm, informative, and just overall pleasant to be around. She was great at listening to my and my husband's concerns, helping me create a birth plan (and walking through what each thing meant), and just being a compassionate listening ear.

For my actual labor, I did it mostly in the comfort of my own home with my husband while messaging Tatiana. Things quickly amped up in the evening and we had her meet us at the hospital. She got there quickly, communicated with the hospital staff efficiently, and listened to my changing needs. She worked on trying to turn my baby and again communicated with the nurses in the room, and everyone seemed on the same page. She made sure to continue to advocate for me when it came to the epidural and it not working the first time, and helped make sure I was as comfortable as could be while we waited for it to kick in (I was probably at 9cm with back labor by the time that thing kicked in). It was nice to have her help explain things as they progressed, and helped keep me calm. 

Postpartum, Tatiana came to visit us about 5ish days after birth, bringing some homemade tea and some herbs to help with healing, and the sweetest book. She talked to us about the birth, answered some questions we had about our newborn, and helped us put on a onesie for the first time (irrational first time parent fears). She continues to check in, and I couldn't be happier with my choice to work with her!



Tatiana was amazing. I was looking for someone to help guide me through the birthing process and she walked me through it all. Tatiana made sure to understand my wants and desires, and did all she could to advocate for me during the labor. My husband was also very grateful to her and she communicated so well with him as well as my nursing team. A fantastic experience with Tatiana for what ended up being a difficult birth. Very grateful for her support. 

Marina Naisat


We are infinitely grateful to Tatiana for all the help she gave us throughout the pregnancy, for all the small and big things. She helped us through critical moments, supported us and helped us make the right decisions and ultimalty helped us see the pregnancy go through as smooth as possible. Tatiana has a very calm personality and supportive attitude, she is very knowledgeable. During our pre delivery meetings we consulted her to get support and help us craft our birth plan and advocate for it with our OB. The pre delivery help was extremely valuable but it pales in comparison with the help Tatiana provided during delivery which made all the difference: she guided me how to move and use tricks to help tolerate contractions pains, during labor she helped me switch positions to move baby along and make sure the baby is not stuck when the monitors showed baby might be under stress. She gave mental support to push and keep going. She also helped advocate for us with medical personal to avoid unnecessary nuisances and get rest when needed.

All in all, we are more than grateful to Tatiana for all her help and really glad we made the decision to hire Tatiana as our doula, and can hardly imagine what the pregnancy would look like without her help.

Dela M.


Hiring a doula for my 2nd birth was one of the best decisions my husband and I made! I wish we had a doula for our first. Initially I thought it was one more task to find, interview and choose. All worth the efforts, as we both needed extra support during such an intense event, along with my decision to attempt a natural birth. We interviewed 2 doulas and I chose Tatiana as I vibed with her. She's a wonderful doula! I highly recommend her to any expecting Mama! She is kind, gentle and conveys a sense of familial care. She was (and still is) constantly checking up on me to see how I'm doing: from 36wks til now postpartum! In our 1st prenatal meeting she encouraged me to go all-natural birth, which made me confident in doing it. I learned new things like boiling her homemade herbal blend to make 'padsicles' or using it for sitz baths. Those padsicles were great during the first week postpartum healing! Wish I knew about them with my first birth! She provides educational materials/suggestions. During labor she was readily available (we had to call her 2am!) and met us at the hospital ASAP. Thankfully she lives nearby Evergreen. She was with me during check-in and triage as my husband dropped off our son at a friend's. I liked the tools she used during labor: TENS unit was a constant pain distractor; I found the scarf she pulled around my hips to counteract a contraction was AMAZING! Loved her massaging my hips too. She coached me on how to breathe/relax. I'll never forget during pushing, looking at her calm face to remind me to be calm during the very brief moment before pushing again...a calm before the next 'storm'. She was constantly keeping me hydrated throughout labor and aided wherever I needed her. She took photos and made a digital album for us to remember our monumental event. She visited me once postpartum and plans to do so again. She is more than a doula, she is a friend/sister. Overall, she is AWESOME! You will not regret hiring her!

Sheetal H


I was fortunate to have Tatiana by our side for the most significant event in our lives. She is an amazing, kind and extremely patient person. I was in labor for almost 35 hours before I underwent a C section. Tatiana was present throughout this time. She supported me mentally and guided me through the entire process. She took care of me like a family through pregnancy, birthing and postpartum.

We met for the first time while I was in my last trimester. Tatiana was very kind to share all the material that could help me with natural delivery. She kept checking-in on my pregnancy and guided me with exercises and other helpful dietary material. I love the fact that she is always willing to listen to you and guide you based on what makes most sense for you.

She is extremely patient and is very knowledgeable when it comes to helping and supporting me at different stages of labor. I can’t thank her enough for that. She was not only there for me, but also provided the support that my husband and mom needed, while they were watching me go through labor. My mom still talks about how relaxed she felt because Tatiana was there to help us. Tatiana ensured that I was being fed regularly so that I had the energy needed to keep pushing. She was monitoring my pain threshold regularly. She was in constant communication with the doctor and nurses, to make sure that my labor progressed in the right direction. I can’t stress enough on how knowledgeable Tatiana is, about this entire process, and the sense calmness she provided while I was in labor.

I feel very lucky that she was available when I was going through such an important phase in my life. And I am also glad that we know each other! I will recommend Tatiana in a heartbeat. What she did for me is hard to express in words.

Alejandra H


Tatiana was our amazing weekly postpartum doula for the first 3 months with our daughter! She was exactly what we were looking with her mix of wonderful insight and care. Super highly recommend Tatiana, as she's amazing with newborns and very easy to work with! Thanks so much Tatiana for all your help!

Claire Bechis


If you are considering Tatiana as your doula, please do yourself a favor and hire her now! For me, having Tatiana’s support was the very best investment that I made. I don’t think my son’s birth would have been the positive experience that it was without her there. Multiple hospital staff remarked to me afterwards how incredible Tatiana was and how lucky I was to have her as my doula.

Research shows that you will have a faster labor with fewer interventions with a doula. Before giving birth I didn’t understand how that was the case but after having Tatiana there with me I now understand how beneficial having an experienced doula can be. She supported me with different positions to help my labor progress, she gently advocated for me and ensured that my wishes were considered every step of the way. Having a good doula can be life changing and can ensure that you have a positive birth experience no matter what comes your way. Tatiana is not just a good doula, she is an exceptional doula. I will forever be grateful for her support and care. 




Tatiana was my doula for the birth of my second child and I cannot recommend her enough!
I decided to have a non-medicated birth this time, and Tatiana helped me think through and prepare for all things birth-related. She was so attuned to my needs, and provided genuine guidance and support every step of the way. She showed me that she believed in me and my ability to birth naturally. She gave me the confidence and strength I needed, helped me talk things through when I was anxious, and was always there to provide whatever support I needed. She makes you feel so cared for - like you’re her only client! Even weeks after birth, she still reached out and provided emotional support in navigating having a newborn while caring for a toddler at home. She was truly a gift for both my husband and I before, during, and after labor.
After having a negative experience with a different doula at my first birth, I wasn’t sure if I could trust a doula this time around. I am so happy that I met Tatiana, who showed me what it’s like to have a doula who does this kind of work from the heart. That makes all the difference! She is truly amazing - as a doula, a person, and a friend. Thank you so much, Tatiana, for helping me have such an amazing, positive birth experience!



I decided to look for a doula at 34 weeks. I was looking for someone who my husband and Ican trust and would listen to when I’m not able to advocate for myself. I found Tatiana through google search. Tatiana felt like a good fit from the moment we started talking to get to know each other. She provided us with tons of great information before the birth and was always super responsive to any questions via text or call. At the hospital, nurses already knew her! During the labor she made sure I’m well hydrated, fed, and that we often change positions. I was very impressed how great she worked with the nurses and doctors. It was my first baby, and I had an amazing birth. Thanks to Tatiana’s help, it was truly beautiful.

Sam Coffey


As a first time parent with little expectation and next to no experience, I was practically lost with how to try and plan for our birth. The biggest leap I was able to make to get close to comfortability came through Tatiana and her level of expertise. She was responsive to all my questions and easy to approach which gave extra levels of reassurance any time I started to feel puzzled. On top of her kind presence, she was great at assisting during labor. She knew what was coming in the next step during every phase of the process and it helped keep us all from becoming stressed because she was always prepared. She didn't have to be asked to assist anytime we needed something, she was there with helping hands offering whatever we needed weather it was water, snacks, help transporting, caressing of the mama's back or just a warm smile. She even took smashing photos throughout the birth and was able to capture some of our favorite moments. I'll never go without a doula again and she's the reason why. 




The best experience I could have ever had! Tatiana is incredible! Being a doula is her true calling. I and my husband had a few meetings with Tatiana during my pregnancy. She was always in touch if there were any questions. When the labor started, I felt pretty confident. However, I did not expect that the whole process would last 28 hours. It was difficult and without Tatiana I can't imagine how I would have coped. Tatiana did not leave my side for a minute all this time, constantly doing things to ease the pain and calm my mind. She did massage, recommended different poses, fed me, helped to communicate with doctors, etc. Tatiana knew what I needed without any words. She is very supportive and attentive, and she adjusts to the mood and needs of a woman in labor. When the baby was born, Tatiana spent about two more hours with us helping with breastfeeding, answering my questions, and sharing with us the joy of the moment. During these 30 hours, my doula has become a close person to me. There were no feelings that she was simply doing her job. It seemed like a dear friend took care of you during such an important moment in your life. At the same time, everything that Tatiana did was very professional. I trusted her completely, followed her advice, and it was the right decision. Not everything went as I planned during labor, but thanks to Tatiana I have only positive memories of the process. After giving birth, Tatiana came to our house to visit us and the baby. It was very valuable because the first days of being new parents are full of uncertainty and fears. Tatiana helped us to cope with these issues. My husband, who was also present at the birth and was very worried about me, is very grateful to Tatiana for everything she did for us. My experience would not have been so positive without Tatiana! I'm happy I chose her!



I read somewhere that if you want to take only one decision for a smooth pregnancy and labor - it would be to hire a doula. I am someone who does a lot of research and I did read multiple books and was part of various online forums to prepare myself for challenges of pregnancy and especially birth. But nothing does prepare you for it.

Tatiana was a strong support system both in pregnancy and labor. I wanted minimal interventions and she respected all my decisions including choice of OB and birth plan. She gave us all the info but at the same time did not push for a decision and encouraged us to make our own choice.

I wanted a birth without epidural and given that I was past my due date - I had my induction scheduled and was worried that pitocin would lead to cascade of interventions. She helped me stay calm and to trust my body (I needed that..!!). She also guided me on various things I could try to naturally induce and I was finally able to go into labor on my own :).

On the D day, she prioritized my needs over everything else. When we reached hospital there were no rooms and I was in the lobby moaning and crying with pain. Tatiana never left my side and helped me cope and breathe through the pain. She advocated for my choices in front of hospital staff and encouraged me to stick with my decisions even when hospital staff thought otherwise. And voila - I had a birth I dreamed of which would have been impossible without Tatiana.
I have a very loving and caring husband who was ready to support me in any which way during labor. But you have to know where and how you should provide support. Tatiana guided my partner in ways which we would have never thought of - inspite of reading all the material and attending classes.

She also regularly checked in with us post-delivery and as a first-time mom answered a lot of my concerns.
We would highly recommend going with Tatiana as your birth doula.

Heather Hicks


I had a great experience with Tatiana. As a first-time mom, I felt overwhelmed with all there was to learn about pregnancy, labor, and having a newborn. More importantly, I had a very specific birth plan and certain things I wanted for myself and my baby, but didn't know exactly how to go about getting and accomplishing those things. Upon meeting Tatiana, I knew right away that I wanted her by my side during this experience. She taught me SO many things, as well as supported all the things that I wanted. I wasn't happy with my hospital and OBGYN and she introduced me to Puget Sound Birth Center where my son was born. She also referred me to an acupuncturist, pediatrician and many other things that truly changed my experience for the better. After almost 30 hours in labor, I know I could not have done it without her! I can't thank her enough for all her support and help through the most important experience of my life. If you want to feel secure and know that you always have someone you can count on to answer questions and support you, then hire Tatiana!



Tatiana was everything and more than what I could ask for as Doula support. She was very knowledgeable about the entire process, displayed the right amount of sense of urgency, was a huge boon in helping me cope with my delivery process physically and mentally. As someone going through this the first time, I needed someone to help me with some clarity around so many decisions my partner and I needed to make; we could not have done it without Tatiana's wisdom, help and support. I have a healthy baby that is breast feeding well, Tatiana was the one who helped me latch the baby during the golden hour when I was very sedated and in a disarray. She genuinely cares for you and the family. She also continues to check in with me post partum. We were so lucky to have got her help in delivering our first baby.



Tatiana was my birth doula in October 2022. Since it was going to be my first baby, I had a lot of fears about my upcoming labor. But during our meetings, Tatiana shared a lot of information and practical tips that made me feel more confident. Tatiana also has a very warm, caring personality which immediately put me at ease. During my labor, which was very long (about 24 hours after water breaking), Tatiana did different things to help reduce pain from contractions - we tried different positions, massage, and she used a tens unit on me. She was by my side throughout the whole time and most importantly, she provided so much emotional support that I needed, saying encouraging and comforting words that helped me a lot. I also discussed my birth plan with her and any decisions that needed to be made, and she shared her perspective and advice. Honestly, even though my labor was long, the epidural didn't work 100%, and pushing was 3 hours, Tatiana made this time fly by so fast. I'm so thankful to her for making it such a good experience and highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a doula! 

Agniya Bobrova


I had an incredible birth experience with Tatiana. She was with me and my husband the whole time.  During contractions Tatiana was helping me to find a right position to live though it, during labors Tatiana was hold my hand, giving me water, changing towels to the cold ones on my body and head. All of that were giving me relief and helped to live though the whole delivering process. She helps you mentally and physically.

I had ideal unmedicated delivery and couldn’t done it without Tatiana♥



I studied and prepared for delivery, but before this event, I didn't understand how intense experience will be and how much a doula and support are needed. Tatyana provided support at the highest level. Honestly it's hard to imagine Doula and support better than her. The support was amazing, covering everything what's needed: with wise explaining words, exact ones that was needed at the moment, knowledge of the physiology of the body and process, emotional support and the most important is warm motherly care that helped to go through this difficult path.
I’m also an introvert, Tatyana "dissolved" in the air when I needed to be alone and appeared when I needed her. Tanya was with us for almost 20 hours and all this time she was cheerful, loving, warm and very caring. In addition, Tanya formed a company of pregnant ladies and ladies who are already with babies, for whom she gives various useful educating classes, organizes ladies' meetings, yoga, there is also a chat group, having this community is very supportive during pregnancy and after baby is here.
And in general Tanya is a very kind and open person who loves her Doula work and does it with passion and heart. My husband and I consider that a decision to go into Childbirth with Tatyana, was one of the best decisions in life.

Yulia Bugrova


There is a saying I’ve read somewhere that there is nothing on Earth that can prepare you for a birth. I must say I disagree with it. Exercise, education and a great support team are the key for getting as close as possible to the birth you want. I’m a first time mom and wanted to have an unmedicated birth. The moment I met Tatiana, I knew I wanted her as my doula. Her calmness, knowledge and friendly attitude made my birth an experience I would like to repeat. She supported me and my husband during the labor with the right amount of encouragement, but also gave us some space. She suggested positions which made my labor way easier. I do not think I have enough words to express my gratitude.

I also met Katerina, Tatiana’s partner. She was also great and supportive and taught me some good prepartum exercises.

I highly recommend both of them.




Tatiana was amazing! I knew going in I wasn't going to be able to provide much help during labor and delivery - I didn't know enough and couldn't learn fast enough before our baby was due. We met with Tatiana a few times before the due date, going over basics, what to expect, and coming up with a birth plan. That was helpful, but there's a big difference between reading and doing. We made it to the hospital a bit quicker than Tatiana, and she was in contact with me the entire time making sure my wife was doing well.

After Tatiana arrived, she made sure my wife was comfortable and the nurses were doing the right thing. Tatiana and the nurse had worked together on a previous birth, and worked well together to keep my wife and I were both comfortable and informed throughout the process. That heavily reduced my stress levels and, in turn, my wife's stress levels. Overall, I highly recommend a doula, and Tatiana was excellent at providing care not just for my wife, but for myself as well.

Ravi K Ganta


Tatiana was one of the key reasons why my wife could have a natural birth! She got here as soon as we requested and stayed with us well past our baby was born. During this nearly 18 hours time window, she constantly provided timely advice. More importantly, she provided emotional, physical and mental support for my wife, encourgaging her and displaying immense amount of empathy towards her. We are thankful to have worked with Tatiana during this pivotal period and are happy to recommend her. 



Our son was born on July 21st. This is my first birth and I was worried about upcoming birth. My birth dragged on for up to 3.5 days, but we remained calm and even more, we were absolutely sure that everything would end well because doula Tatiana helped my husband and I during the whole time. I am very happy and I advise everyone to go into labor with Tatiana. We worked together as a team, under the guidance of Tatiana, doing an indefinite number of necessary exercises, positions, breathing practices throughout all 3.5 days son was born. We received not only professional physical support, but informational and emotional support, sense if confidence and felt in control about my birth. It help us did not give up. All of things we used to facilitate birth, left the most pleasant memories of my birth. I am ready to go to the second and more births along with my doula. Tatiana helped not only during my birth, but during the last trimester and even after birth I was surrounded in attention and care. I have always received a quick and professional answer to any question regarding pregnancy and childbirth. I highly recommend Tatiana for everyone who is looking for compassionate and professional support and guidance during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. After the whole experience we became as one family. We are eternally grateful to our Tatiana!



I would like to share my experience of childbirth with a very sensitive and empathic Tatiana! It's been 2 weeks now since my daughter was born and I recall my first birth experience with a great pleasure.

I imagined a lot how it would be before, planned things and getting prepared for borth to make this process as natural and as painless as possible, but only after I got in labor, I realized how good was the decision to give a birth with professional who knows exactly what to do to help not only emotionally but also physically, professionally and being my advocate of my interests at such an important and difficult moment when I could not control what is happening around. As a result, thanks to Tatiana, my biggest fear was transformed into a desire to repeat this wonderful experience!!

Abhilasha Shrivastava


I am so grateful to found Tatiana as my doula for my second pregnancy. She was so respectful and pro active to suggest help and guidance during my labor and postpartum. She stayed with me in hospital until I discharged. Her calm and soft spoken nature make things so easy in tense situation. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Me and my husband both are so thankful to you Tatiana. You made everything so easy for us. Thank you so much. 

Gunil Lee


I dont normally write a review for products or services whether it is good or not. I am happily writing the review for Tatiana because our laboring experience was very wonderful and I couldnt say anything but thank you. She guided us even before the labor, visited us and went over every single steps and got to know us. We felt very confident in her even at first phone call. She was very calm and her strength was to make us have a confidence for upcoming labor which was kind of scary for us. Even after the birth, she is willing to visit or text us to check the baby and mom's conditions several times a day. She is genuinely kind and caring person. I can tell she is doing her job, not for the money but she truely loves what she does. I strongly recommend her to everybody who is going through a first pregnancy or had a hard previous pregnancy!



Tatiana is such a compassionate and generous soul. I've never met anyone as tender and caring as she is. I am so grateful to have found her for my first birthing experience. She takes initiative to understand you and your birthing goals. I immediately felt at home with her and was able to trust her with my labor. She communicates efficiently and effectively, and was there for me just as my laboring started to intensify. She made sure that I'm fed and hydrated, and then helped me through exercises and stretches to help the baby's positioning and to progress my labor. There were times where I felt like I couldn't do it anymore and she was very encouraging yet respectful of my wishes. I ended up transferring to the hospital due to prodomal labor, but she was there for me and helped advocate for my husband and I so that we felt informed and safe with the procedures the doctors were recommending. I felt comforted because Tatiana was by my side and encouraging me. She has also followed up with me postpartum many times, which helps me feel like I have a village and someone to talk to during the newborn stage. Thank you so much, Tatiana!



I am grateful to Tatiana for being with me at such an important moment. Tatiana answered all my questions during pregnancy, shared useful links to read. Since the beginning of my labor, she has been in touch with me and came to me very fast. She hold my hand on our way to hospital and showed me that I am not alone! During the labor Tatiana helped me communicate with the doctor and protect my interests because of doctor who didn't want to follow my birth plan. I was happy to find such kind and caring person. Tatiana was like a close friend or sister.



I want to share the story of my natural childbirth with doula Tatiana. Initially, I decided for myself that it would be a natural birth at home, but then I considered the option of birth center and my choice fall on Eastside Birth center. At the same time, I collected information about doulas that my friends recommended to me. But somehow, I could not choose anyone and at some point, I decided that with my husband, midwives and my good preparation for childbirth - I could cope without a doula. But I met Tatiana in time and immediately felt that this is a beautiful and bright person with whom I want not only to communicate, but also to be friends. And when I found out that Tatiana had studied for a doula, I immediately realized that it was she who I wanted to see at my birth. Tatiana went with me to almost all the last visits to the midwives and helped with the translation, since my English is still in training. We talked about different points about the birth process itself, together we made a birth plan. In the last weeks before giving birth, Tatiana was available 24 hours a day. On that big day Tatiana very quickly came to me from Kirkland to Seattle and helped me to go through stronger contractions. Then we all went together to the birth center and 3.5 hours later our son was born in the bathtub. Honestly, I did not expect that I would have such a well-coordinated and harmonious team (doula, husband, and midwife).It was just not forgettable - Tatiana has very strong hands - so many times she helped me to cope with very intense sensations. I felt love, tenderness, and support all the time. I made the best choice - my doula helped me in the most effective way.

P.S. My husband says that he does not know any other doulas, but the way Tatiana acted in my birth, was extremely professional.
I am very happy that I know you and that you were there by my side during such important time of my life.

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