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BIRTH DOULA SERVICES $2500- Elevate Your Birth Experience with Tailored Doula Services

Welcome to a journey of exceptional support and empowerment! I'm Tatiana, your dedicated partner on the path to a transformative birthing experience. As a Doula, I am here to provide you with physical comfort, unwavering emotional support, a sense of security, and complete acceptance. While I do not conduct medical procedures such as blood pressure measurements, fetal heartbeat monitoring, vaginal examinations, or baby deliveries, I possess a deep understanding of the medical aspects of childbirth. My role is to empower you with information, ensuring you are well-informed about the procedures and options available to you.

The decisions are entirely yours to make. I don't impose my perspectives, but rather, I assist you in gathering the necessary information to make informed choices. Whether it's communicating your preferences to the medical team or offering translation support if English is not your primary language, I'm here to ensure your voice is heard. Additionally, I offer gentle guidance to help you align with your birth plan, while respecting your autonomy.

Invest in Your Birth Experience My Birth Doula services- $2500. I understand the importance of flexibility, and I'm more than happy to discuss a payment plan that suits your financial situation. Upon signing the contract, a deposit of $1250 secures my services. By 38 weeks, I request the remaining balance of $1250.

Check with your/your partner employer and insurance, lots of them provide partial or full doula coverage (Meta, Carrot program is a couple of them). You can use your FSA and HSA accounts to pay my fee and get reimbursement.

A Comprehensive Package Tailored to You Your investment includes an array of personalized services designed to make your birthing journey as smooth and empowering as possible:

  1. Initial Interview: Let's connect over Zoom, at your home, or a comfortable coffee shop. During this meeting, we'll discuss your birthing needs, preferences, and how I can best support you. This consultation is offered for free.

  2. Prenatal Meetings: We'll engage in two comprehensive prenatal sessions. In the first, we'll outline your Birth Preferences, ensuring your priorities and wishes are at the forefront. I'll guide you through the birth process, explaining options and instilling confidence. The second session covers comfort measures, birth positions, breathing techniques, postpartum preparation, and newborn care. If desired, additional meetings are available at a nominal fee ($50/hour).

  3. Continuous Support: From the moment you sign the contract, I'm available for any questions or assistance you may need. I offer guaranteed backup doula support, ensuring you are never alone on your journey.

  4. On-Call Birth Support: Starting at 37 weeks of your pregnancy, I'm on-call to support you through labor and birth, even if it happens earlier.

  5. Guaranteed back-up doula support (one meeting with doula is included)

  6. Comprehensive Birth Support: I'll be by your side before, during, and after your baby's birth, offering guidance, encouragement, and a calming presence. With access to a TENS machine and essential oil aromatherapy, I create a soothing environment to ease your birthing experience.

  7. Postpartum Care: After the birth, I provide a postpartum visit in the comfort of your home. We'll discuss the birth experience, navigate new roles, and address any questions or concerns you may have. I offer support with breastfeeding and newborn care, extending my assistance through text and phone communication.

  8. Birthing Photography: Capture the beauty of your journey with complimentary birth and golden hour photography, upon request.

  9. Educational Resources: Dive into a wealth of knowledge with access to my library of pregnancy, birth, and parenting books.

Ready to Embark on a Journey of Empowerment? If you're seeking comprehensive support, understanding, and a truly transformative birth experience, I'm here for you. Discover more about me, explore my availability, and read testimonials from families I've had the privilege to assist on my personal page at DoulaMatch. Your extraordinary birth journey starts now. Connect with me today to elevate your birthing experience beyond your expectations.

BIRTH PLANNING $300-Navigate Your Birth Journey with Confidence

Even if you opt not to hire a doula, you can still benefit from expert guidance as you navigate the complexities of birth and postpartum. My Birth Planning package offers:

  • A comprehensive, up to 2-hour in-person meeting or Zoom call to discuss your birth preferences, concerns, and questions.

  • A non-judgmental space to address your desires and fears openly.

  • Creation of a personalized birth preferences sheet.

  • Educational handouts and local resources.

  • In-depth insights into labor, birth, hospital, and healthcare provider options.


POSTPARTUM DOULA PACKAGE $1500-Embrace a Supported Transition

  • The postpartum period is a time of immense change and adjustment. My Postpartum Doula Package includes:

  • An in-person consultation covering postpartum essentials, breastfeeding basics, and newborn care.

  • Assistance in organizing your postpartum environment, including your "nest," nursing station, and baby's nursery.

  • Unlimited phone support for 40 days after birth.

  • 10 hours of in-person support, encompassing nurturing care for mothers, breastfeeding guidance, processing birth experiences, newborn care, light household tasks, and meal preparation.

  • Access to educational materials and local resources.

Get in touch with me to explore how these services can provide you with the essential support you need as you navigate the remarkable journey of childbirth and beyond. Your journey is unique, and I am here to help you make it as smooth, empowering, and joyful as possible.

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