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Newborn/infant chiropractors and craniosacral therapists (for both mother and baby)

Dr Karin Hinton Nealon at

Drs Rachel and Rebecca at Chiropractic & Kids — Issaquah Family Chiropractic (

Dr Kirsten Spitz at Our Technique – Apex Chiropractic (

Dr Samelak Your Chiropractic Home in the Heart of Fremont – Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC

Dr Anita Shelton Online scheduler for Anita Shelton, EAMP, LMP, CLE in Seattle, WA (

Lauren M. Christman at Lauren's practice - Crafted Touch, Inc

Infant Craniosacral Therapy - Revive Physical Therapy (


Webster certified chiropractors

Apex Chiropractic (

Pregnancy Support - Revive Physical Therapy (

Bellevue Chiropractor - Chiropractor in Bellevue - Redmond Chiropractor - Chiropractor in Redmond - Bellevue Chiropractic - Redmond Chiropractic (


Acupuncture (including labor induction and moxibustion)

Dr David Lin Bellevue Wellness and Beauty | HopeSpring Wellness

Dr Anita Shelton Online scheduler for Anita Shelton, EAMP, LMP, CLE in Seattle, WA (

Jasmine Bay | Seattle Pregnancy Acupuncture

Dr Beth Webber


Prenatal, postpartum and infant massage

Swan Perinatal Services

In-Home Massage Services | Body Enmotion Massage

Placenta encapsulation

Powerful Placenta | Seattle Placenta Encapsulation & Honoring

Placenta Encapsulation | Gentle Love Birth Services (

Lactation consultants

Anna Mikhailova (speaks Russian)

La Leche League

Home | Shannon Demiter IBCLC Board Certified Lactation Consultant (

The Second 9 Months | Holistic Support for Breastfeeding and Parenting


Midwives/birth centers

Puget Sound Birth Center

Mercedes | Something Beautiful | MIDWIFERY | Pierce/King Co. Washington (

Postpartum doula and traditional care for mother


Mother Roasting/Bone Closing

Support groups for Russian speaking pregnant women and new mothers

В ожидании чуда Seattle

Мамы штата Вашингтон

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